Normal and Model School Code of Practice

Preparing Future Teachers - the affiliation of New Zealand Normal and Model Schools are committed to working in partnerships with ITE providers and other agencies to build a stronger teaching profession, by providing exemplary learning environments for all participants. In Normal and Model Schools there is a whole school commitment to quality Initial Teacher Education (ITE). Members of the association will be actively involved in Normal/Model School Association activities and be committed to the dimensions and indicators as outlined in this Code below.



● Effective working relationship with university and other agencies


  • ●  On-going educational research involving university and Normal/Model schools

  • ●  Advocating for high quality ITE; regular liaison/communication/collaboration with universities and other agencies e.g. EDUCANZ, MoE

  • ●  Sharing practice and research findings with the profession

  • ●  Participating in the normal/model school audit/review - peer and self

  • ●  Taking opportunities to lead other schools in best practice related to ITE

Normal/Model School Teacher Capability

  • ●  Exemplary teaching practices

  • ●  Teachers experienced/trained

    in adult education

  • ●  Commitment to ITE


  • ●  Positive mentor/coach relationships within the ITE environment

  • ●  Strong evidence of ‘Teaching as Inquiry’ being embedded

  • ●  Reflexive practice being modelled, on-going learning as an associate/mentor and classroom teacher

  • ●  Regular meetings with student teachers while on site – robust professional conversations resulting in action, observations/additional quality feedback including reporting back to university

  • ●  While remaining grounded in best practice, responding to diverse and ever changing government/university priorities

  • ● Professional Learning and Development programmes include learning related to best practice in meeting the needs of student teachers on practicum

Student Teacher Learning

● Normal/Model school student teachers immersed in exemplary teaching and learning environments which promote reflective practice


  • ●  Student teachers feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging as colleagues within the school

  • ●  Orientation and induction programmes are in place; this includes pastoral support

  • ●  Guidance, mentoring and coaching is focussed on the needs of the student teachers

  • ●  Student teachers are engaged in school self-review of the school’s ITE programme e.g.survey

  • ●  Participate in school professional learning and development

  • ●  Observe and participate in a wide range of experiences

  • ●  Catch-up provisions for at risk student teachers




● Promote culture of excellence, a learning culture that supports ITE


  • ●  High quality mentoring of student teachers/practicums while at Normal/Model schools

  • ●  Actively promote the role of Normal/Model schools

  • ●  Normal/Model School practices are reflected in school documentation

  • ●  Work with ITE providers to actively develop and evaluate associate teachers role in ITE

  • ●  Clear recruitment and induction processes specific to the Normal/Model school role

  • ●  Evidence that the Normal and Model School staffing component and/or allowance is being used appropriately

  • ●  Robust support systems to grow teachers professionally (own classroom practice)

  • ●  Work with ITE providers to promote quality Associate Teacher practice in the wider school network.